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Whatever the event you are organising Chats du Quercy is always keen to encourage active participation and spread awareness.
Let us know your plans and we will publicise them on our website.

There are many people who work very hard to ensure our doors stay open. It is a full-time job to do fund-raising alone, not counting the hours put into the actual animal care. Understandably, people want to be certain their money is put to good use.
Whatever donation you are able to make, you can be sure they you are helping an established, reputable charity that has  built an excellent reputation and has shown it is serious, knowledgeable, successful and dedicated to cat welfare.

Crafty cats!
If you like knitting and have a bit of spare time, here is a knitting pattern to make you laugh – a Cat Hoodie!!  We can sell these in our shop and in the Rescue Centre.
Cat hoodie and mice
Cats can get bored too!  In our Rescue centre we do our utmost to keep the cats and kittens entertained, at the end of the Cat Hoodie article is a very simple knitting pattern for toy mice.  Our cats love these and they keep them entertained for hours!
If you can knit some items for us, please send the finished articles to the normal address.


If you have any unwanted, good quality items please think of donating them to us for resale .

Contact us at the normal address.


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