On average, each cat in our care costs 500€ and running Chats du Quercy costs 16000€ per month.

You can support us by making a payment through Paypal – Make a Donation.

There are many people who work very hard to ensure our doors stay open. It is a full-time job to do fund-raising alone, not counting the hours put into the actual animal care. Understandably, people want to be certain their money is put to good use.

Whatever donation you are able to make, you can be sure they you are helping an established, reputable charity that has  built an excellent reputation and has shown it is serious, knowledgeable, successful and dedicated to cat welfare.

You can support us by purchasing something from our Amazon wish list. 

or by

sending a cheque made payable to “Chats du Quercy” to

Chats du Quercy,
Caussados, 2770 Route de Montaigu
82190 Miramont de Quercy

We ask that you give whatever you can afford to help us to continue our work.  Chats du Quercy is a nonprofit association “Reconnue d’interet gereral” which means that 66% of the amount you give is tax deductible on your French taxes!  Just ask us for a receipt.

Help by giving items

Chats du Quercy is financed only through donations and memberships.  Our resources are always stretched to the limit.

One great way for you to help is by giving items that maybe your cat no longer uses, or maybe next time you go shopping, you can think of us by adding some items to your shopping list?

We happily accept

  • Old teddy bears and cuddly toys.  Each one of our cats is given a cuddly toy to snuggle up to.  This is especially important for kittens as it helps them to replace lost litter mates and gives warmth and well-being.
  • Donations of old duvets/blankets and towels for cat bedding.
  • Cat transport carriers, cat trees and baskets
  • Bags of cat litter
  • Cat food(we collect to help feed colonies of cats who have no option but to live on the street or in the wild)
  • Cat toys
  • Stationery such as envelopes, stamps, paper and other sundries.
  • Items that can be resold in the charity shop.
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