Cat Care & Advice

Cat care and welfare

In these cat care pages, you’ll find some useful information concerning :-

Key factors to maintaining good health

as well as other useful items:-
Passport procedures
What to do if you find a stray cat

We have a wealth of other fact sheets that are available on request-

  • Caring for your kitten
  • Hand-rearing kittens
  • Caring for the elderly cat
  • Feeding cats
  • The overweight cat
  • Cats and collars
  • Moving house
  • Poison and cats
  • Travelling with your cat
  • First aid

Plus a variety of Cat behaviour advice sheets including:-

  • Body language
  • Communication
  • Spraying
  • Integrating new cats
  • Grooming

The vet services supporting Chats du Quercy are excellent, contact us if you’d like their details.



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