The cat welfare charity, “Chats du Quercy” is happy to welcome you to our website.

Our Mission : Encourage a world where cat’s needs are known, accepted and respected.

Chats du Quercy Adoption Centre is open by appointment every day of the week, weekends  and holidays included. You can reach us on 0563947397  :  9h à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h


Presenting  adorable Theo, our magnificent cat of the month for September. More details concerning ALL of our cats and kittens can be found on our adoption pages

Chats du Quercy is totally independent of any other structure.  Chats du Quercy approach cat welfare holistically and execute our work with excellence, which is why we believe that our work is unique in France –

  • We follow International Cat Care guidelines (https://icatcare.org/)
  • We work strictly within the law
  • Our Adoption Centre is managed by our resident cat behaviourist
  • Sterilised from 2 months of age (please see our info on Early Age Neutering), Identified by microchip(a legal obligation in France), Vaccinated, Treated for parasites, If old enough tested negative FIV/FeLV, Placed at their new home under adoption contract with financial participation requested
  • Cats are housed individually or in existing social groups. Group housing enormously increases stress in cats. (Please see further information in “What a cat needs”)
  • Cats given the best environment to ensure their physical and psychological needs are met
  • Our commitment to each cat adopted is for life
  • We never euthanise a healthy cat!
  • We have 2 teams that run the Adoption centre, one specialising in the behaviour and psychological needs of our abandoned cats.
  • Vet visits on a weekly basis
  • We directly help thousands of cats and kittens every year  through our Adoption Centre and advice given.
  • We are a member of EU cat and Dog Alliance improving animal welfare internationally especially in the struggle to control animal trafficking
  • We provide advice to individuals where the behaviour of their companion feline is a problem, to help find a solution other than abandonment of the animal
  • Chats du Quercy is also a resource centre of ideas to improve, educate and inform the general public and especially young children, providing information and education including talks concerning cat welfare.
  • We always have about 50 volunteers
  • Running a shelter is a huge financial commitment, and a major responsibility. Our team have Management, technology, legal and financial background ensuring the longevity of the charity and its efficiency (Please see further information in “Who we are”).

Chats du Quercy is a French registered charity based in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France.  Our dedicated Cat Rescue and Adoption  Centre is situated in Miramont de Quercy, in the department of the Tarn et Garonne. We are also on the border of the departments of the Lot, and Lot et Garonne in the Aquitaine region.

Any donation you give to Chats du Quercy is eligible for a 66% deduction on your French income tax

After checking out the cats for adoption to arrange a visit, please call us to arrange an appointment on 05 63 94 73 97 or on the mobile 0635918280 .

We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to your return.

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