Lonely Hearts Club

Given in by their owner who simply wanted to get rid as she is having work done on her apartment.  The excuses people give never … More Mini Mo and Pollux

Chouchou was found in a parking of a fast food restaurant, the servers told his saveur that he’d been there for several weeks!  Chouchou is … More Chouchou, beautiful pale ginger boy

Elmo is a big cat but he is bored with us ! He asks for only one thing, a permanent home with garden space. Elmo … More Elmo big cat that needs space

Daisie’s owners are not able to keep her as they are in New York for the next 2 years. Unable to find a suitable home … More Daisie, very playful girl

Abandoned with 4 kittens in a cupboard on the terrace of an elderly lady! Carla is such a sweet gentle girl, she loves attention and … More Carla petite and gentle

Myabella, is a beautiful browny black playful girl with loads of character!  She really is a gem! Adorable, she loves cuddles too and is very … More Myabella, gorgeous playful brown/black girl

Why not ME?

Sometimes, we have cats that get overlooked. They remain at the Cat Adoption Centre week after week, patiently waiting for their chance with a new family and a new life. Sometimes they are shy cats in the Adoption Centre, but who will be carefree and friendly in their own home. Or they might be adult cats, when everybody’s searching for kittens. And sometimes they have unique personality quirks that require a special family that is understanding and accepting of them just as they are.

Sometimes there is just no valid reason why these adorable cats have not been adopted!

If you are the kind of person who, above all, wants to help those in need—take a look at our album of cats who simply ask – “Why not me?”. They may not be the cat that everyone else is looking for; but perhaps they will be the love of YOUR life.

Certain cats have also been kindly sponsored by our charity supporters, which means that their future health care will be paid for up to the sum of 400€ .

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