Why not me?

Sometimes, we have cats that get overlooked. They remain at the cat adoption centre week after week, patiently waiting for their chance with a new family and a new life.

Sometimes they are shy cats in the adoption centre, but who will be carefree and friendly in their own home. Or they might be adult cats, when everybody’s searching for kittens.

And sometimes they have unique personality quirks that require a special family that is understanding and accepting of them just as they are.

Somba and Sundew

Somba and Sundew
Found in a garden with their mum (already adopted) these two brothers are quite beautiful.

Full of energy, very cuddly gorgeous big kittens.

Bagley and Babs

Bagley and Babs
Two adorable young cats, Bagley and his sister Babs (pictured at the top of the page) are the last two of seven kittens found in a box with their mum.

All the others and mum have found their forever homes.


Sai came to us with her two sisters who are already adopted.

Gorgeous beautiful girl that adores company and contact.

She is a great playful girl.

Sometimes there is just no valid reason why these adorable cats have not been adopted!

If you are the kind of person who, above all, wants to help those in need then take a look at our album of cats who simply ask, “why not me?”. Perhaps they will be the love of YOUR life.

Certain cats have also been kindly sponsored by our charity supporters, which means that their future health care will be paid for up to the sum of 400€ .

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