Our educational mission:
Educating towards a better understanding of cats and their needs.

Putting solutions in place to help cats and humans live together, harmoniously.

Educating the public about cat behavior, overpopulation, sterilising, and responsible care of cats is an important way to spread the philosophy of Chats du Quercy.

Many studies now proof the existence of  a relationship between animal abuse and human violence.*

By reaching people of all ages, we hope to see more cats neutered, more abandoned cats helped, fewer cats abandoned, and many more cats placed in the good homes they deserve. It is hoped that teaching people about kindness to cats and the enrichment that cats can give us, will extend into other areas of their lives as well.

We feel it is important that children learn from an early age how to respect their cats and understand the care a cat requires throughout its lifetime.  To this end, we have developed a whole range of activities and lesson plans so that both parents and teachers can help children to grow up knowing how to care for cats, with respect, through various dedicated projects, at home, and in the classroom.

Educational action
Our philosophy – through preventive educational action in schools, with leisure groups and individuals is:
•    Educating children to respect each other and towards animals.
•    Raising awareness of the need for sterilisation of cats
•    Building respect between children and animals because children are tomorrow’s adults.
•    Improving kindness to all living beings.
Cats can have a very positive effect in helping the behaviour of children, and can help alleviate suffering.
Contact with cats has many advantages for disabled children, the natural calming influence is known to be antidepressant,  it has been scientifically proven to help those autistic and mentally disabled.


Please contact Chats du Quercy Rescue Centre for more information or to arrange a presentation for your group.


*  Studies show that there is not “abuse” but “violence”, that which is perpetrated against individuals – humans or animals – when they are in a state of weakness, physical or psychological. The fact that violence creates violence makes sense, as victims of violence are more likely to become agressive themselves. The link between animal abuse and cruelty of children, domestic violence, child abuse and abuse of the elderly is definite.

Evidence perhaps of the relevance made by these studies, is that, in the United States and the United Kingdom, Child Protection and Animal Protection agencies are beginning to work together to better understand the links between child abuse, animal abuse and domestic violence.


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