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The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows the entry of pets from certain countries into the UK, without passing through quarantine, using an EU Pet Passport. This list of countries is available on

To obtain an EU Passport your pet must be (in this order):

Microchipped with an ISO standard microchip, prior to rabies vaccination.

Vaccinated against rabies with an approved vaccine, the microchip having been read by a vet just prior to giving the vaccine.

The passport can now be issued BUT the date of entry into the UK cannot be earlier than 3 weeks after the first rabies vaccine. This is the time it takes for the vaccine to become active.

Validity of passport *******  IMPORTANT*************


The Pet Passport has an expiry date which is linked to the rabies vaccination. If the date of rabies vaccination is missedeven by 1 day – then the Pet Passport is invalidated and only becomes active 3 weeks after the rabies revaccination date.

Organising your trip to the UK

Your pet must travel on an authorised route with an approved transport company.

Cats and ferrets can return to the UK with no veterinary treatment or health check.

Dogs can come back into the UK provided that 24-120 hours (1-5days) prior to check-in for the return journey, a vet treats your pet against tapeworm, (with a product containing praziquantel), signing and stamping the Passport appropriately.

– Your pet must not have been outside any of the PETS qualifying countries in the 3 months before it enters the UK. If it has then other regulations apply – see the defra website for details. .

IMPORTANT – In this scenario the time between the vaccine against rabies and the rabies antibody titre test has changed and is now a minimum period of 1 month.

Before boarding the ferry, or Eurotunnel train, you are responsible for:

– Checking the identity of your pet by scanning with a microchip reader,

– Checking the pet passport presented relates to your pet, is valid and shows that your pet has successfully been vaccinated for rabies,

– Checking that treatment for tapeworm has been carried out.

If you do not have the correct documentation, or the 24-120 hour limit is not respected, your pet will not be allowed back into the UK without going through quarantine, or re-treating against tapeworm.

We hope this clarifies the issue, it certainly makes the travelling easier to organise and cheaper as well!

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