A volunteer’s day

I’ve been cat mad since I was a small child. My teenage Saturday job was working at one of the large Cats Protection adoption centres, writes Yvonne.

When I moved to France I was keen to find a cat charity with similar high standards that I could support. I was delighted to discover the Chats de Quercy and became a life-time member in 2016.

Although I volunteered for a while in 2016-17, I live a  long distance from the adoption centre and it was impractical to visit regularly.

With the enlarged, new spacious adoption centre and outside play areas for the cats, Lynn has found a solution which allows me to visit for a whole day once a month.

I arrive at 11:00 after the permanent staff have begun the morning job of feeding and cleaning the residents.

I follow behind them and spend 15-20 minutes cuddling & playing with the cats of each enclosure. Be prepared to have a cat perched on your shoulders whilst another curls on your lap, both hands will be occupied with stroking or playing games with two more.

It is my idea of heaven!

After lunch I  revisit each enclosure, but this time I will clean and check their food before spending 10 minutes cuddling each cat again.

An afternoon siesta

Although you may find that, like your cat at home, afternoon is siesta time for many of them.

The health and well-being of the cats is the highest priority. There are detailed procedures to follow which ensures that the most vulnerable cats are cared for first & each enclosure has its own cleaning tools.

I love reading the history of each cat which is on the door of each enclosure and getting to know their personality. It is so rewarding when you see the news of their adoption on the Chats du Quercy Facebook page and stories of their new homes from their adopters.

My favourites are always those cats in the Lonely Hearts Club who have been at the centre a long time or have special needs, I wish I could take them all home with me.

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