Guide to rehoming a cat

First and foremost if this is a stray cat, you must have followed the advice in the section Found a Cat – Lost a Cat? before considering finding a home for the cat.

The following advice gives the best possible outcome for the cat’s future welfare.

If you are helping to find a new home for a neighbour’s or friend’s cat, obtaining written consent from the current owner prevents unwanted problems and potential legal battles at a later stage.

Feline viruses

It would be irresponsible to place a cat with other cats without first knowing that it is negative for fatal feline viruses such as FIV and FeLV.

This is a quick blood test taken by a veterinarian. FIV positive and FeLV positive cats can lead healthy long lives but must be kept separate from other negative cats and must not be allowed outside, free-roaming.

Here is the current up to date information on these diseases from International Cat Care.

Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV)

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

CandiLegal requirements

It is a legal obligation in France for all cats to be identified by microchip; the onus is on the person rehoming the cat and NOT on the adoptant.

It may save the cat’s life in the future as any unidentified cats taken to the local pound will be euthanised within 10 days. You may also receive a fine of 750€ if you advertise an unidentified cat.

Cats will start to reproduce from the age of four months. Please ensure the cat is sterilised, this is essential to prevent more unwanted kittens that will simply add to the current massive cat overpopulation.

Up to date vaccination is essential to protect the cat from fatal viruses.

Financial commitment to cat care

All of the above costs money. Ask the adoptant to reimburse if not all, then a part of these costs. People who cannot or worse still, will not pay an adoption fee should not be considered as a good home.

Caring for a pet costs money, even a healthy cat will need good quality food, worm and flea treatments and vet care from time to time including vaccinations.

Having completed all of the above you can start to advertise the cat yourself. There are many French and English websites just do an internet search for “adopting a cat in France” or “adoption chat”.

Best of luck!

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