At Chats du Quercy we welcome volunteers with open arms. Whether you are young or old, male or female, there’s a place for you with us!

Why become a volunteer?

Volunteering is the most worthwhile thing you can ever do. It gives a real sense of achievement, allows the development of new skills and the social possibilities are endless!

You can do lots of different things, from hands-on work with the cats, to public relations or fundraising. If you have a skill then we can use it!

Chats du Quercy is a registered charity that promotes and strengthens the feline-human bond by helping pair up unwanted, abandoned cats with loving forever homes and humans.

At Chats du Quercy we know that one of the most important volunteer roles we need is people to spend time sitting with our cats and kittens, to interact with them and get them used to people, confident around people and used to being handled.

This process of socialisation is of the utmost importance as a lack of ease around people may ruin the cat’s chances of being adopted and of getting a happy home for life!

Cat cuddling

Helping to socialise by petting them, playing with them, and grooming them, reassures abandoned cats preparing them for adoption.

A rescue centre environment can be stressful, and this human interaction helps the cat’s well-being enormously.

Cat cuddling can be done on a regular or irregular basis.

We ask you to spend up to two hours, no more, starting at 11 am in the mornings and 4pm in the afternoons.

We ask that you adhere to these times which are set to facilitate cleaning and hygiene procedures.

For more information and to make an appointment please contact Lynn on 05 63 94 73 97


Adoption Centre Cat Carer – You must be able, comfortable with cats and have compassion for cats.  You must complete an orientation at the rescue centre and ensure that you have an up to date tetanus vaccine.

You will be responsible for feeding cats, cleaning enclosures, cat care – including cuddling and reporting concerns.

You must be available for approximately 2 hours each week (if you have less time it is possible to volunteer as a stand-in, or even do one session per month – every little helps enormously!), you need to be committed to, and understand the importance of your volunteer role.

Read more about this role here.

Adoption Centre Cat Cuddlers – Cats love human company – especially sitting on a lap! If you can spare time in the mornings or afternoons, then what better way to relax and unwind than by giving some rescue cats some much needed love and attention.

This role is essential for cats that have been abandoned, they have lost everything and need human company to give them confidence and security.  It also helps enormously, their chances of being adopted more quickly.

Volunteer - Chats du Quercy

Charity shop helpers – We have two shops, one in Bourg de Visa and the other in Lauzerte where we have books, dvds, cds, gifts, toys for cats and children (!), objects of art and decorations, greetings cards etc.

We need people to help run and manage the shop – interested?  Find out more about the shops.

Administration roles – A variety of roles can be fulfilled from a distance and are equally essential to the successful running of Chats du Quercy. Please call us to discuss your skills and the roles available.

Whether you decide to donate your money or your time, Chats du Quercy would like to say a big THANK YOU on behalf of all the cats you’ve enabled us to help.

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