Tiny Tim En

My name is Tiny Tim.

I think Lynn must have sent a  picture of me to Jan around the 23rd December 2013.  I  must admit to not looking my best..  I had no fur at all on my  face and no whiskers due to a sever food allergy.  Generally nothing much like the lovely young cat that I am.  I really did not know at the time but they were also mourning  a previous Chats du Quercy cat.

Anyway Jan’s reaction was rather – well, upset., She didn’t think at the time she could manage anything like that.   I waited, I think another week when she began to wonder if they could come  and take a look at me.  I still was not myself and they left without me  But at the bottom of the road Jan stopped the car and said “I reckon if he is left  alone on his own – he will be dead in a week” so they came straight back  It wasn’t very wise because the vet was due to visit later but  Jan seemed in a desperate hurry to whisk  me off.  So off we went.

I was not at all well that week

They lovingly stayed with me all the time doing 3/4′ hour shifts  night and day; in the hope of stopping me scratching myself (which made me cry further) and giving me lots of encouraging cuddles, stories, and attention .   But by the end of the week they were not only exhausted but had terrible colds as well.  And I looked worse   the blood  on my cheeks had dried   and I looked awful.

They telephoned Diana, my vet, at 9 am the morning of 30th December who kindly said “can you come over?’  It takes about one and half hours to get there but it was the best thing she could say.  Jan  and Malcolm thought the worst but I was surprised and gratified to find Lynn and Ron were also at Diana’s when we arrived.  It was also rather noticeable that I liked to follow around the magnetic reflections of Malcolm’s watch!.

Well; Diana kept me for a fortnight; giving me lots of care:  I began to feel a bit better and was actually able to eat a bit.  So they came to pick me up.  My bloody patches had more or less healed and I felt a lot better:  Then the  great long healing process began ……

This lasted some time.  For some years  a medication of ciclosporine ,an auto-immune suppressant; and occasionally I had to have additional medicine to help with lapses. It was quite difficult.     Fortunately I could only eat venison and pea paté.  I strongly reacted to chicken.  We  continued in this vein for about 5 years but gradually Jan was giving me less and less medicine and then stopped! That was about a year ago.

Not only that; but I found I really liked the food they ate too!   The odd olive, or crisp; piece of fish or meat..  I love It.  Actually I make rather a lot of noise about it   so they have to give it to me in the end!

So now, there you have it.   A perfectly beautiful red ticked tabby, who is doted on by all their friends  (perfect!)  I may not have all the fur a normal cat has but I am PURRFECTLY happy

We should also like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Lynn , Ron and Diana for all their advice and encouragement from  Jan and Malcolm over the years.  After all; I was the one to benefit most!


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