Help for cat neutering and identification

unnamed-23Chats du Quercy offer help for cat neutering and identification for families with modest incomes.  If you are far from our Adoption Centre, please contact before sending cheques.

An agreement is set up between the cat owner and Chats du Quercy, we will also help you to contribute to wards the costs, as follows:

  • Females : at least 110 €  for neutering and identification by microchip (which is a legal obligation in France)
  • Males:  at least 80 € for neutering and identification by microchip (which is a legal obligation in France)
  • Microchip alone : at least  25€ , you will also be asked for proof that the cat is neutered

You must send your cheque(s) made out to “Chats du Quercy”, and sent to our address (Caussados, 2770 Route de Montaigu, 82190 Miramont de Quercy)

We cannot accept Paypal payment for this UNLESS you are making one single payment.

On reception of the cheque(s) and the following

  • Donation relating to the cat(s) in question,
  • An attestation that you are the owner of the cat and that you understand that the donation is non refundable if you change your mind.
  • A proof of address,

You will receive a letter confirming our help and details of the veterinary you will need to contact (we try to send you to the nearest veterinary that works with our association)

Please wait  for up to 15 days for the letter to arrive post, and two days via the internet. After completing the veterinary acts, the vet clinic will send the whole invoice to Chats du Quercy for payment.  The owner of the cat has no other fees to pay at the vets.

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