A gentle, affectionate girl

Teeki has been a big sister to a number of younger kittens and would probably benefit from the company of another cat in her future family.

And she should be fine if introduced to a cat-friendly, calm dog. If you need advice on introductions to other pets please ask.

She can be a little independent and move away if she is not ready to be stroked, but in a warm, calm family home Teeki’s sweet nature will soon flourish.

Teeki will rub against your legs at feeding time and once she has built up her confidence in you she will enjoy chin rubs and being near her family when she’s happy.

All of the cats in our care are tested for feline viruses FIV/FeLV, sterilised, vaccinated and identified

is available for adoption in our 47500 Sauveterre la Lemance adoption Centre

Sexe : femelle

Besoin accès extérieur : oui

Identification :


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