Cats Available For Adoption

Thrown out from a car !  Chochota is a gorgeous girl who looks for attention.  Playful, she is also a calm cat for her age. … More Chochota lovely siamese chocolate point

Noelle is so named as she was abandoned at Christmas ! ! She is a very gentle soft girl, adorable but no wonder she is hugely … More Noelle lovely kitten like cat

Taken from the animal pound, Felix is an adorable cat, very cuddly, happy with human company and company of other cats – everyone in fact! … More Felix simply adorable

2 girl sister kittens  to be adopted together Beatutiful Boots is a little reserved but like her sisters loves playing and once picked up appreciates … More Kitten siblings Boots et Cheska

So, so sweet this little girl is terrified  by her abandon. Catniss is a gorgeous girl who needs a family with patience and loads of … More Catniss, young magnificent tabby girl

Sneaky Pete was so named as he kept sneaking in through a cat flap and eating the food of the resident cats. After extensive search, … More Adorable Sneaky Pete

Deedee is a beautiful girl, cuddly and sociable, loves human contact, she needs and looks to be stroked, she is very much a lap cat.  … More Deedee, calm, kind and gorgeous tortie

Many cats like Raskle, beautiful big, very playful kitten, are waiting for a forever home, a second chance. All you need is patience, these kittens … More Raskle, real, cute, cuddly rascal

Click on the cat photos to see individual details and – Please help them!  We have everything you need to welcome your new companion cat, on sale at our Adoption Centre (Carry baskets, litter trays, toys etc)

Chats du Quercy is delighted to present to you the magnificent cats and kittens available for adoption in our Cat Adoption Centre in Miramont de Quercy(82).
Our adoption fee is just 200€

You should understand that kittens take a lot of looking after, whereas an older cat, even a young adult, will be much more calm and easier to integrate, especially if you work all day or have no other animals.  At Chats du Quercy we always encourage 2 kittens to be adopted together.

Kittens before the age of 5 months need the company of other cats, and the education this gives.  Quite often, kittens raised only with human company develope behaviour problems as they know no limits between species.  These cats are the most often abandoned and the most difficult to place.

Chats du Quercy Adoption Centre is open by appointment during weekends, holidays and of course, during the week.

We now have a youtube channel “Chats du Quercy” where you can see videos of some of the cats in our care –
All of our kittens and cats are sterilised (from 2 months of age), vaccinated and microchipped(a legal obligation in France) before they leave us for their forever homes – just purrfect!!
Why not make an appointment today? Call us on 05 63 94 73 97

Chats du Quercy is unique in France. To our knowledge there is no other Rescue Centre dedicated solely to abandoned cats in FRANCE.
Every year we help on average 400 cats and kittens

With every adoption you will receive

  • An adoption kit including a 400g sachet of Royal Canin food
  • Advices sheets on how best to welcome your new companion.
  • 3 months free health insurance with SantéVet with no obligation to continue.  Covering up to 150€ and giving 24h/7 vet care in case of urgency.
  • 1 mois free assurance in case of accident with our partner WILMO with no obligation to continue
  • For the two weeks that follow the adoption you have free medical treatment and advice if required.
  • Our cat behaviourist is also on hand to advise and help when needed.

You can follow us and our Quercy cats on our Facebook page –

We hope that you enjoy your photographic tour of Chats du Quercy, please realise that it is impossible to choose a cat or any other animal in this manner.

Before making your final decision, please consult adoption conditions in “How to adopt” .

Did you know that running Chats du Quercy Rescue Centre costs on average 9500€ per month?
The average cost to Chats du Quercy for each cat is 350€ – as an individual, this would cost you more than 500€.
Our adoption fee is only 200€
Adoption fees serve a good purpose. The fees you pay to adopt are used in part to offset costs of caring, as well as the cost of vaccination, sterilisation, identification, etc.  Perhaps most importantly, adoption fees serve as a screening measure, designed to weed out would-be cat owners who are unwilling or unable to spend money on their pets. Someone who can’t spend on cat adoption fees is also unlikely to be able to pay for routine veterinary care or even food.
A few more figures that may enlighten you –
•    Chats du Quercy average monthly food bill is 1300€
•    Chats du Quercy average monthly litter bill is 500€
•    Chats du Quercy spend almost 1300€ annually on flea and worm treatments

Before finding new homes,  our cats have received weekly visits by a qualified vet and are;

  • Identified by microchip
  • Neutered
  • Vaccinated
  • Treated for parasites
  • Placed under adoption contract

and depending on their age, they are also :

  • Tested negative for Feline aids (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia(FeLV)

Any donation you give to Chats du Quercy is eligible for a 66% deduction on your French income tax

To visit the cats for adoption, please call us to arrange an appointment on 05 63 94 73 97

The vet services supporting Chats du Quercy are excellent, contact us if you’d like their details.

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