The cat welfare charity, “Chats du Quercy” is happy to welcome you to their website.
Chats du Quercy Rescue Centre is open by appointment during weekends, holidays and of course, during the week.

Compassion (2)Chats du Quercy is a French registered charity based in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France.  Our dedicated Cat Rescue and Adoption  Centre is situated in Miramont de Quercy, in the department of the Tarn et Garonne. We are also on the border of the departments of the Lot, and Lot et Garonne in the Aquitaine region.

Our objective is simple, to help cats in need.

Chats du Quercy is unique in France. To our knowledge there is no other Rescue Centre dedicated solely to abandoned cats in FRANCE and managed by a qualified cat behaviourist and trained employees.  In 2015 our dedicated cat Rescue Centre helped 364 cats and kittens.

To visit the cats for adoption, please call us to arrange an appointment on 05 63 94 73 97.

Each cat receives the best possible care and attention from the day it is admitted to the moment of its adoption.
We operate a no kill policy and we always operate in the best interests of cats.

Magnificent Marigold (photo ) adorable “Cat of the month” of October!Marigold (2)

Please help the adorable abandonned cats we have
– more details on our adoption pages

It takes a lot more than good intentions to run any animal rescue centre correctly.
It needs compassion, commitment, objectivity, experience and skills in:-
•    Management,
•    Accounting,
•    Networking,
•    Marketing,
•    Plus the determination and ability to initiate community action.
It is also true that it costs money.
As soon as a cat is taken into the care of Chats du Quercy Cat Rescue and Rehoming Centre, there are associated costs, including: food, medicine and veterinary fees.
On average, each cat in our care costs 300€.
Running Chats du Quercy costs 7000€ per month.
There are many people who work very hard to ensure our doors stay open. It is a full-time job to do fund-raising alone, not counting the hours put into the actual animal care. Understandably, people want to be certain their money is put to good use.
Whatever donation you are able to make, you can be sure they you are helping an established, reputable charity that has  built an excellent reputation and has shown it is serious, knowledgeable, successful and dedicated to cat welfare. You can help us by making a donation using the button on the left. 66% of any donation you make is deductible from your french income tax.

There are lots of other ways you can help – Why not become a member, sponsor a cat enclosure or even volunteer?  You’ll find all the information you need in ‘How to help’.  If you would like to receive updates from us, just write your name and email address in the space provided on the left hand side of the website, click on ‘s’abonner’ and you will receive a confirmation email.  This is a fantastic – and free- way of keeping informed about our work.

We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to your return.

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