Happily Homed

Peridot, a little gem ! gorgeous cuddly playful kitten Date de Naissance (souvent approximative) : 1/3/2021 De couleur : Tigré blanc Sexe : Male et femelle Besoin accès … More Peridot

Marcie was found in the street trying to find food left and right, this is a lovely soft, gentle girl is beautiful and gorgeous. She’s … More Marcie

Inky was left for many months roaming the streets after his owner died.  One of 5 cats, only 2 were ever found, Roonie and Inky … More Inky

Roonie was left for many months roaming the streets after his owner died.  One of 5 cats, only 2 were ever found, Roonie and Inky … More Roonie

Larry is a super cat.  Found stray with a collar cutting into his neck. He is a big, gentle softy, cuddly and has a super … More Larry

​Sadly, Nono’s elderly owner died.  With family living in La Reunion who couldn’t take him, Chats du Quercy were asked to help this gorgeous boy. … More Nono

Timid little Elsie is such a sweet girl, victim of simple lack of knowledge regarding cats, their facility to reproduce and their care in general. … More Elsie

Smiffy is the last of a litter of 4 kitten, all lovely, cuddly and playful. Nous avons quleques chatons à l’adoption, merci de nous contacter … More Smiffy

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We love to share happy stories about cats who have found their new forever homes why not check them out our facebook page. Congratulations to their new guardians.

Photos recieved from January 2015
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To view photos received before 2015, take a look at our ‘Happily Homed Album‘.

Happily Homed Album

It takes a lot more than good intentions to run any animal rescue centre correctly.
It needs compassion, commitment, objectivity, experience and skills in:-
• Management,
• Accounting,
• Networking,
• Marketing,
• Plus the determination and ability to initiate community action.

It is also true that it costs money.
As soon as a cat is taken into the care of Chats du Quercy Cat Rescue and Rehoming Centre, there are associated costs, including: food, medicine and veterinary fees.
On average, each cat in our care costs 300€.
Running Chats du Quercy costs 7000€ per month.

A few more figures that may enlighten you –
• Chats du Quercy average monthly food bill is 1300€
• Chats du Quercy average monthly litter bill is 500€
• Chats du Quercy spend almost 1300€ annually on flea and worm treatments

There are many people who work very hard to ensure our doors stay open. It is a full-time job to do fund-raising alone, not counting the hours put into the actual animal care. Understandably, people want to be certain their money is put to good use.
Whatever donation you are able to make, you can be sure they you are helping an established, reputable charity that has built an excellent reputation and has shown it is serious, knowledgeable, successful and dedicated to cat welfare.

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