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Boarding for cats – Chats du Quercy

Terms & Conditions:
The owner must sign and agree to all the Terms & Conditions   above before we can accept a cat for boarding.

Please understand that the following Terms & Conditions are designed to protect the health and well-being of the cats in our care. Also, please note that these Terms & Conditions are the basis on which we accept cats into the association and that they constitute an agreement between the association and the owner covering the period of boarding, the owner must agree to the following terms in order to qualify for insurance.
All possible care and attention is given to the animals but it is clearly understood that all animals are only accepted at the Owner’s risk and upon acceptance of the terms.

Before You book with us please ensure:

  • That your cat is sterilised, identified and vaccinated up to date
  • That your cat is treated for fleas and worms
  • We are made aware of any special needs
  • That your cat is in good health, and any ailments or behavioural matters are brought to our attention.
  • That you bring any medications with you so we can agree written instructions.
  • Vaccination certificates / cards are up to date and handed over to us for the period of your cat’s stay.

Deposit and Payment:

  • A non-refundable minimum deposit of 50% is required on booking.
  • Full payment of the balance is required at the start of the boarding period. .
  • Cancellations must be made a minimum of 21 days before boarding. Cancellations of less than this may be charged at the full rate of the period booked, unless a short-notice replacement booking arrives. .
  • Cats should be brought in a suitable cat carrier securely fastened. The carrier will be left with the association.
  • In the event that the cat needs veterinary treatment, transportation at a rate of 50cts per kilometre will be applied

Vaccinations and Health

  • No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, an infectious or contagious disease will be accepted. All cats will be inspected on arrival, but we reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health pending advice from our veterinary surgeon. This is essential in order to protect and safeguard the health of other resident cats.
  • Veterinary services can be arranged should this be necessary during your cat’s stay. If you prefer your cat to be seen by your usual vet, please discuss this with us prior to arrival.
  • All cats must be fully up to date with their vaccinations against at least Feline Parvovirus (Typhus) and Coryza. A cat that arrives without their carnet de santé will be refused.
  • Owners must ensure that the vaccinations have had sufficient time to provide immunity (minimum 10 days after boosters) before start of boarding.
  • We are unable to accommodate un-neutered cats.
  • All cats must be identified and their identity cards brought with them.
  • A condition of boarding is that your cat is in a fit and healthy condition. We must be advised of any current or recurring illness or medical needs.
  • We are happy to administer medication, including injections, which have been prescribed by a vet provided full and clear instructions are left by the owner. There is no charge for this service.
  • Any treatment required for ailments during the cat’s stay will be at the expense of the owner.

Tarif :10€ per day per cat
The rate is set taking into account the provision of food and litter by the owner, otherwise an extra 3 euros/day per cat will be applied.

Cats are boarded entirely at the risk of their owners and whilst every care will be taken, the management cannot be liable for illness, injury or death of any animal in their care.
Collars will be removed and kept in a safe place; this is for the cat’s safety. They will of course be returned when the cat goes home.
Should you decide to collect your cat(s) prior to the agreed collection date we reserve the right to charge the full booking fee.
In the event of a cat not being collected within 14 days of the booked departure date, and if no communication from the owners is received, the association reserves the right to place the cat for adoption.
Any extra costs incurred during your cat’s stay must be paid for on collection.
CONTACT DETAILS: Owners must leave contact details upon admission, and details of a secondary contact in case of emergencies.

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