Zola and her brothers, Yoda, Xylo, Vesper and Yoyo

Such sweet siblings!

Zola and his brothers were found with their mother looking for food in a campsite. Their wild mother was sterilized and released at the campsite and will be cared for by the people in charge of the place.

These 5 kittens are adorable and on top form! They love cuddles and playtime. They really have a lot of energy!

They are looking for a responsible family to give them all the attention and love they need.

Ideally, our kittens are up for adoption in pairs if you don’t have any other cats at home.

Please read our page https://chatsduquercy.fr/en/adoptions/pourquoi-les-chatons-devraient-etre-adoptes-par-paires

Our cats are tested FIV/FeLV, sterilized/neutered (from their 2 months), identified and vaccinated.

Identification et Date de naissance( souvent approximative)

109250269591349480Yoyo male tigré poils longs26/04/2024
110250269591349729Xylo male noir26/04/2024
111250269591349559Yoda male tigré poils longs26/04/2024
112250269591349933Vesper male tigré et blanc26/04/2024
113250269591349826Zola femelle noire et blanche26/04/2024

Integration of young children, cats and dogs: every situation/family is different, and we are here to help and advise you.

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They can be found at our adoption center Chats du Quercy 47500 Sauveterre La Lémance

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