Somba and Sundew

Gorgeous playful gentle characters

Somba and Sundew have grown up around cats so should be fine with others if introduced properly.They have been close to dogs but have not been in the same room, but if introduced to a cat-friendly, calm dog they should be fine.

If you need advice on introductions to other pets please ask.

Both Somba and Sundew are young inquisitive cats who enjoy playing games, but also like quiet times and calm moments. They should be good with children of all ages. They enjoy being around people and will play games such as fishing rod chase games.

Once settled into their new home they will both jump up onto your lap to sleep, or even your shoulder and use you as a look-out post.

Somba and Sundew have grown up at the centre since being very young kittens, they would love access to a garden space.

Somba and Sundew have grown into the most loving, gentle characters. They love having chin rubs, being stroked, cuddles and to be curled up on your lap or a warm blanket.

We would like Somba and Sundew to stay together.

Nos chats sont testés FIV/FeLV, stérilisés/Castrés, identifiés et vaccinés.

Date of Birth (often approximative) : 01/04/2021.

Sex : Male.

Identification : Somba – 250268723144257. Sundew – 250268723144256

For adoption from Chats du Quercy : 47500 Sauveterre la Lemance.

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