Not more than a kitten herself and taken in by an elderly, handicapped lady!  Silka gave birth to 5 kittens in July 2021, the neighbour killed 2, the lady’s daughter took one, but not one of the thought to have the cats sterilised!!!

The result?  The remaining kittens and the mum all became pregnant again!

Again the neighbour started to kill them, so the lady (who is to go into a home) asked for our help.

Here is Silka, the original mum.  She is a gorgeous, beautiful, playful and cuddly girl

Date de Naissance (souvent approximative) : 01/02/2021

Apparence : chat de gouttière

De couleur : marron tigrée et blanche

Sexe : femelle

Besoin accès extérieur : oui

Identification : 250269590886041

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