Bonnie et ses chatons

(Please read this for the kittens – celui-ci)

Bonnie, what a star she is!  Found in a cardboard box with 7 newborns and 2 kittens of 2 months, she has fought hard to feed them all.  Sadly one of the newborns died but everyone else is full of life.  Bonnie is the most sweetest cat you’ll ever meet, it is humbling to see how she still loves human contact after everything she has been through.

Her kittens are very beautiful and happy, normal cuddly boys and girls.

Besoin accès extérieur : Bonnie oui, ses chatons vont apprécier mais n’ont jamais sorti

Identification :

250 26 87 32 03 55 60 Bonnie 15/07/2017
adoptée Bunny adoptée
250269590554980 Bubbles 25/08/2021
250269590553183 Babs 25/08/2021


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