4 gorgeous black kittens

Found in the garden of a young couple, Tootsie had chosen their place to have her 4 kittens, all black just like her, and just like her, all adorable!

Only young herself, Tootsie has been a great mum, she is very friendly, cuddly and gentle, and has already found her forever home.

Her 4 kittens are bundles of joy, full of life, as kittens should be.

Date de Naissance (souvent approximative) : aout 2020 pour Tootsie, avril pour ses petits

Besoin accès extérieur : oui

Identification :

80 250268723144087 Tootsie 01/08/2020
81 250268723144257 Somba 01/04/2021
82 250268723144256 Sundew 01/04/2021
83 250268723143996 Slinky 01/04/2021
84 250268723143992 Sathya 01/04/2021


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