Given in by their owner who is sadly in terminal stage cancer.

Macha is adorable, she has taken a few days to relax after her shock with her big friend Charly.

Charly, too, is adorable but undoubtedly disturbed by his abandon at his age, he is 11 years old, Macha 5 years old.  Please think of them at this sad time for everyone.

Macha is more energetic, loves company and is very affectionate, Charly would just love a warm lap, but is also cuddly and active, they can be adopted separately.

Date de Naissance (souvent approximative) : 2014/2008

Apparence : chat de gouttière

De couleur : roux et blanc (Charly) et gris et blanc (Macha)

Besoin accès extérieur : idéalement

Identification :