Sunny and Rami – gorgeous and inseperable

These two best friends have been through a lot..

Malnourished, mistreated, they have a little way to go yet before they are back to correct body weight

However they are in good health now that they have good food, and they have no malice whatsoever, surprising after their past.

So cuddly, amazingly affectionate and playful.

We are looking for a responsible family ready to adopt them together, they are inseparable.

Date de Naissance (souvent approximative) : 1/9/2018

Apparence : chat de gouttière

De couleur : Sunny roux pale à poil long, Rami noir aux yeux jaunes

Besoin accès extérieur : non

Identification :

250268712790028 Sunny août-18
250268712789381 Rami sept-18