Baghera, adorable kitten girl

You should understand that kittens take a lot of looking after, whereas an older cat, even a young adult, will be much more calm and easier to integrate, especially if you work all day or have no other animals.

Kittens before the age of 5 months need the company of other cats, and the education this gives.  Quite often, kittens raised only with human company develop behaviour problems as they know no limits between species.  These cats are the most often abandoned and the most difficult to place. At Chats du Quercy we always encourage 2 kittens to be adopted together.

Chats du Quercy Adoption Centre is open by appointment during weekends, holidays and of course, during the week.  Please call us on 0563947397 to discuss the kittens we have available.

250268712790176                  Baghera femelle noire à poil mi-long née 26/1/2019