Désirée found amongst fruit trees

Obviously stray for a few weeks, Désirée was not in a good state, she’d been living off fallen fruit, slugs and snails, anything she could find.

This very cuddly and hugely affectionate girl is also very playful

Her appearance makes her all the more desirable, she has the look of a cuddly polar bear.  No doubt her ears had to be operated following a cancer, which often happens with white cats, with care and attention, this should not be ongoing.

Désirée is a most gorgeous girl, open your heart and your home to her, you’ll not regret it. High 5 Désirée!

Date de Naissance (souvent approximative) : juin 2013

Apparence : chat de gouttière

De couleur : blanche avec taches tigrées

Besoin accès extérieur : pas forcement

Identification : 250 26 87 32 06 56 26