Mini Mo and Pollux

Given in by their owner who simply wanted to get rid as she is having work done on her apartment.  The excuses people give never cease to amaze us and it is always the cats who suffer.

Mini Mo is adorable, she has taken a few days to relax after he terrible abandon with her big friend Pollux. Pollux (the French name for Dougal in the Magic roundabout) is also adorable but undoubtedly disturbed by his abandon after 5 years with his family who thought so little of him.  Please think of him and his friend Mini Mo who frankly deserve better!

Date de Naissance (souvent approximative) : 2014/2013

Apparence : chat de gouttière

De couleur : Noir et blanc / noire

Besoin accès extérieur : oui

Identification :

228 250268731695640 Pollux août-14
229 250268731695632 Mini mo août-13

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